Episode 35 // A-OK With Admin Expenses - Now, more than ever, good organizations need your help

The holidays are stressful and 2016 continues to disappoint, but there's work to do! Today we're talking nonprofits (including Farm Forward, the organization Heather is working with), where your donations go, and what we plan to get - or not get - our kids for Christmas. 

Here is a list of nonprofits Heather has worked with over the last several years. They all do great work and could use your donations:

Being Black at School
Farm Forward
Every Mother Counts
Exodus Road
Krochet Kids

Episode 34 // Music Foreveryone: Guest Steve Burns on music, emotions and his new album, "Foreverywhere."

If you've had your eyes open at all since 1996, you know Steve Burns from Blue's Clues. But now he’s making music. And it’s awesome. “Foreverywhere,” a psychedelic children's album he made with with Seven Drozd of The Flaming Lips, is out in February 2017 so we’re talking music and whatever else rambled into the conversation.

Learn more about the album here (you can also watch the music video for “The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow”) or, if interested, you can pre-order here.

Episode 32 // Post Election 2016: A Critical Look at our Stupified Whiteness

On November 8, less than half of the popular vote made Donald Trump the President-elect. The nation responded with tears, protests, letters and a symbolic debate over safety pins. Now we're adding our voices to try and dissect what it all means to help preempt marginalized populations from losing more ground, and to try and figure out how to navigate the conversation at Thanksgiving.