Episode 100 // Accents Etc.

British accents, miles of wandering, and a little (SPOILER) Gilmore tangent at the end. This is a big milestone - Episode 100! - so it only seems right that we stay true to our spiraling roots.

Episode 99 // London Spiral

Travel, planning, and taking a diet on the road. That's sort of the focus. Maybe. Then again, we also touch on tea, colon surgery, and "2001: A Space Odyssey." Yes, it's a little shorter than normal, but we cover some ground.

Episode 97 // The Entertainers

As parents, we would kill to feel genuine boredom, but our kids don’t exactly share our interest in doing nothing. And they expect us to overcome these lackluster moments for them. Somehow, go, go, go and then go some more has become the norm. What happened to— oh my god Marlo you can figure it out yourself!

Episode 96 // Be Grateful, Damnit!

Parenting is perfect and wonderful and there isn't ever a time at which you should express exhaustion or frustration. AMEN. At least that's what the concern trolls want to make sure we all know. But the truth is, parenting is hard, sometimes your kids are terrible, and it's okay to admit defeat and/or disgruntled triumph. Even if everything still sucks. 

Episode 95 // Fair Isn't Equal

Inclusion is critical to education, but Heather and John aren't experts in that area, so John's friend Emily is joining the spiral. Emily is a specialist in early childhood inclusion and a single parent to a son with special needs, and all parents and educators are going to want to hear what she has to say.

Episode 93 // Helmets and Heartbreak

Pain in every direction. That's part of having kids. You're forced to relive old injuries while also anticipating the pain that is yet to come. And you have to cope with all of that while working around that damn doctor's appointment you scheduled six months ago.

Episode 92 // Close the Rings

Break is over, Heather’s deadline is looming, time is again compressing, and John’s life is controlled by a watch. On the bright side, Marlo’s illness passed quickly, Lexton’s birthday was seamless, and free-range children are the new cage-free eggs. So, normal week.

Episode 91 // Restorative Justice

Time to talk about racism. Again? ALWAYS. And this week we're joined by Kelly Wickham Hurst, founder of Being Black at School, to talk about education and what it's like for those living in the margins. Is Kelly a "policy wonk?" Damn straight she is, but she's also so much more. You'll notice that John stayed pretty quiet for this episode because sometimes it's best to give others the floor.

Kelly's personal website

Kelly on twitter

Being Black at School

Episode 88 // Tanlines for Toddlers

In 2012, Tanlines (Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm) released their first album and Heather was hooked. She told John to listen and he soon had the album on repeat. Eventually, John's son followed suit. Now, the electronic/indie duo's newest EP, "Presents", puts a very Tanlines spin on classic kid's songs and Jesse joins the spiral to talk about the new album, music, identity, self awareness, and parenting. Oh. And the cuteness of babies.


Hello, dear listener! And sometimes not so dear, depends on how you're feeling on any given day and whether or not you think we have complained one too many times about our children's inability to throw away a goddamn tissue. We promise to be more vigilant about that. Maybe. Probably. We never know where our conversations are going to end up, only that no one ever gets hurt. Usually. Sometimes Heather can tell that her mother has listened to a specific part of a certain episode by how many times she drops off Chick-Fil-A for the girls unannounced WHICH ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE, MOTHER.

Anyway! We've launched our PATREON but haven't really publicized it yet because of already scheduled guests. Don't miss this week's episode (our guest had Heather audibly twitterpated). We'll talk a lot more about PATREON next week, but if you're interested in helping us offset some of the production and hosting costs or even just donating because you like how we complain about our children's inability to throw away a goddamn tissue, mosey on over here.

Again, we'll get into greater detail about all of it including expanded tiers and rewards soon. Stay tuned!

Episode 87 // Beyond Paid Leave

Paid leave is important. So is supporting new parents. The Center for Parental Leave Leadership (CPLL) is helping companies and employees successfully navigate parental leave to improve the experience for everyone involved. Dr. Amy Beacom, Founder and CEO of CPLL, joins the spiral to talk about how they're making a difference. 

Website: http://cplleadership.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centerforparentalleaveleadership

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cplleadership

Amy's Email: amy at cplleadership dot com

Episode 86 // Never Again

Another tragic school shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida. But something is different. People are paying attention. Because the students from Parkland refuse to be silenced until there is change. Now, as a nation, we must work to understand what needs to happen while helping our children feel safe.

Episode 85 // A Healthy New Year

From smoothies with greens to extra-crunchy cruciferous salads (Sorry, LETA), we're trying to stay as healthy as possible this cold and flu season. Extending these healthy habits to our kids isn't always easy - just ask Heather's kitchen tiles - but some convenient snacks make it possible. Sponsored by GoGo squeeZ.

Episode 84 // The Cost of Zero Weeks

Paid family leaves means you'll still be paid while taking time off to navigating family changes and emergencies (babies, medical issues, etc.). But in America, paid leave is almost nonexistent, and that's a huge problem. Director Ky Dickens, our guest this week, set out to shine a light on this critical issue with her newest film, "Zero Weeks," after having a child of her own.

You can follow "Zero Weeks" on Twitter (@ZeroWeeks) and Instagram (@ZeroWeeks). If you're interested in seeing the film (and you should be!) catch an upcoming screening or host a screening.

Episode 83 // The Guilt They Carry

Time for a somber reflection. What? You knew this was coming. Even John has been pretty optimistic lately. Now it's time to ask how parenting affects our kids and the concept they have of how they fit into our bad moods.

Episode 82 // Time to Eat Better Meat

This week, we're joined by Mike Salguero, founder of Butcher Box and father to three girls who are three and under. How does he help families enjoy humanely-raised and independently-farmed meat delivered right to the doorstep while helping wrangle three kids? Honestly, we have no idea, but we tried to find out.

ButcherBox is running a promotion: For any new customer that signs up between January 11 and January 31, they will get free bacon for all of 2018. So, new customers will get free bacon in every box that they get in 2018.