Episode 122 // "A Single Man"

It's official. John is a home owner! And his relationship status? That's permanently established via legal documents. Super awesome. Regardless, this is a big step. And Heather? Well, she's helping her mom move, nursing a stubbornness injury, and contemplating mortality. Life is wild.

(We now understand that “A Single Man” indicates that the property is not a marital asset. However, why the fuck that wasn’t TYPED into the document, why the fuck they had to HAND WRITE that right behind his name? SO PETTY.)

Episode 121 // Holidays and Whatnot

What happened this week? What day is it? Just kidding, we never really know. Between high-school dances, holiday gifts, packing, and ironing sheets (there's always time for that), everything is a blur. Unless you're Leta, and you're making a 10-year plan.

Episode 120 // A Semi-Uncomfortable Comfort Zone

The holidays are a crazy time that brings many together and makes others feel extremely alone. So yes, it’s sort of another episode about loneliness, but we feel it’s an important topic because we’ve spent years stubbornly making ourselves alone. Sort of.

Episode 119 // Look Up

Heather's back from Rome, John's buying a home, and the holidays are here. Moral of the story: No rest for the weary or the wicked or the parents, and if you fit into more than one category, buckle up. Happy Thanksgiving!

Episode 118 // Drama and Contacts

We recorded this on Election Day too early to talk about polls, so instead we decided to focus on monster trucks, contact lenses, and some other odds and ends. A bit of a life download before we take next week off.

Episode 117 // Make Change

The month has changed, the season continues to change and, if you live in the US, you can help make change on November 6. Vote for something better. Vote for those who've had their voices silenced. Just vote. Maybe even listen to this episode on your way to the polls.

Episode 115 // Rebrand for Jesus

Hard to believe we can somehow go from missing a week to covering the removal of wisdom teeth, limiting screen time, and remaining responsive and flexible as parents all in one episode, but that's our gift. What does Jesus have to do with any of this? Just trust us.

Episode 114 // Read the Room

Fortunately and unfortunately, the current happenings in the United States continue to offer great starting points for important conversations with our kids. This week, these talks involve accountability, the power of "no," and how to "not be a jerk" when you're in a Senate hearing.

Looking for a Plus for Pleats

Does the awkward feeling of being a teenager in Abercrombie fade when you get older? Nope! It just just blends with our inability to understand high waists, pleats, and good 'ol Chuck Taylors. Guess that's all part of pursuing fashion with kids.

Episode 112 // It’s September Again

“In like a lion” isn’t a saying attached to September, but it feels like it should be. From shattered phone screens to some time struggles associated with homeschool, this is your annual reminder that September is hell. Be kind to yourself.

Episode 111 // Take that Tone

We decided to focus on discipline and haha! Just kidding. It’s really about the luxuries of leisure pooping and feelings of complete exhaustion, but we do occasionally come back to discipline and having a no-nonsense way of letting your kids know they need to quit being jerks.

Episode 110 // Slowly Settling In

Missed busses, different boob sizes, and baby steps in the right direction. We're still settling in to our recent big changes - a blended family for Heather, homeschooling for John - and realizing that it's going to take a while. We'll probably survive.

Episode 109 // In Favor of Easy

Sponsored by Kraft. We've talked about food and family meals and picking your battles and now, with Heather's blended family and John's homeschool adventures, we're all about easing dinner prep however we can. So when Kraft reached out about their new Kraft Mac and Cheese Frozen Meals, we ditched the plain noodles and raided the local freezer section before even answering the email.

Episode 108 // Homeschool Bound

The chaos of normal life has felt a little dull on John’s end, so he decided to homeschool his son. Because how hard could it really be to homeschool a 14 year old, run a business, and tread water while juggling? Whatever happens, he won’t miss the endless agony of math homework. 

Episode 107 // A BIG Move

Wait. Heather’s moving again? Hell yes she is! She loves to move! She loves to pack! She loves to unpack! She loves boxes! The only minor difference this time around is that you could probably also say she’s moving for love. As for John, he’s pretty excited for her.

Episode 106 // Good to be Back

It’s been a while but our little summer hiatus has come to an end. Feels good to get back behind the mic, catch up, and what the hell do you mean Leta is no longer registered for school that can’t be possible!?

Episode 105 // Civility is Overrated

Things in America are a bit of mess, but somehow taking a stand against hate seems to bother people. Sure, we're all for civility when it makes sense. But that time is not now. The place is not America. And we see no reason to be civil when so many are being treated without any civility at all.

Episode 104 // Shout Outs!

Long overdue Patreon shout outs! Thanks everyone! And a special shoutout to Leah who happened to recognize John in wild. Also, a little bit on body glitter, outdoor music festivals, and that we're absolutely okay with you saying "Hi!" if you see either of us out and about.

Episode 103 // Children. In. Cages.

It’s 2018 and the United States is forcibly separating children from their parents and then holding them in makeshift camps. We don't have a solution, but this needs to be talked about nonstop. This IS America, but it doesn’t need to be.

Fortunately, 24 hours after we recorded, Trump signed an executive order stopping the separation of families, but this mess continues as there's no word on how those separated will be reunited. This will forever be a scar on America, and there is nothing we can do to every truly fix the damage done to those most affected.