Manic Rambling Spiral

MRS is a podcast about single parenting but it's not a parenting podcast. Rather, MRS is a podcast about living life - having a life, a career, and a self - in a setting that is constantly dictated by, built around and sabotaged by our children.

Heather B. Armstrong is a raving lunatic and the woman behind the “world renowned” mommy blog, She lives in Salt Lake City with her two daughters, Leta and Marlo. In addition to writing - on, the NYT Bestsellers List and elsewhere - Heather is a speaker and a consultant. You can find her on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and in a game of Trivial Pursuit. And yes, she's always as grumpy as she looks in that headshot.


John Bray is a Michigan transplant currently living in Chicago with his son, Lexton. He is a freelance writer and author who also happened to win a bookmark design contest in the second grade. You can find him on twitter and Instagram and he's been known to write the occasional bit of short fiction over on his very SFW Tumblr.

Music by Brooklyn-based band Tanlines whose two albums Mixed Emotions and Highlights you can find anywhere good music is sold. You can follow them on twitter, on Instagram and browse their website. You can also listen to Jesse Cohen's podcast No Effects where he hosts conversations with musicians and other performers. Note: their twitter account is NOT run by a teenage intern. Remember to have Heather tell you how she found this out.

Cover art by Portland-based artist Lisa Congdon who has worked with clients as far ranging as Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, Chronicle Books, and The Land of Nod. You can browse her vast portfolio on her website and purchase any number of items in her shop. You can also find her on twitter and Instagram where you will most definitely fall in love with her pup Wilfredo.