Episode 154 // The Price of a Pet

An update on Coco (a pupdate?), some commentary on Halloween, and a discussion on how much our pets are worth. What's that? We're heartless and evil? Yeah, okay, probably, but that should have been clear years ago. And don't worry, we take a softer approach when discussing orthodontics and swimming.

Episode 153 // Canines and Curriculum

We moved right from Elizabethan collars into pop punk- and it wasn’t a smooth transition. That’s John’s fault. But somehow we still managed to cover homeschool curriculum, the climate, and a bit about vaccinations. If this seems chaotic, you should see our texts.

Episode 152 // Fitted and Folded

Sure, we took a week off due to both of us being sick, but we didn’t actually get a week off. There were endoscopies to be had, sheets to be folded, and puppies to be chased. And this weed won’t just eat itself.

Episode 151 // Injury and Insult

It’s been a busy week without any travel or big changes. How so? Well, Heather’s foot is still an issue, her GI tract is making waves, and John’s battling school policy. Oh yeah, there was also an incident with a gun at Leta’s school. Don't worry, it’s not all somber and sad.

Episode 150 // Boots and Bowels

Somehow this episode came full circle. From boots and bus stops to pets and school routines, we cover a lot and bookend the whole thing with bowels. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves, but not as much as Leta will surprise herself when she finally understands that a car does not steer itself.

Episode 149 // Don’t Forget to Steer

Another week, another couple dozen lessons in stress management. But we’re still taking our own advice and letting things slide. Invasive dogs, oversleeping teens, and even the thought of complete obliviousness behind the wheel of a large metal box hurtling at other objects. One of these days the dogs are definitely going to make us snap though.

Episode 148 // Slow Down

Weird title for a show called "Manic Rambling Spiral," but here we are. Heather ditched her FitBit and her Apple Watch and, as a result, a whole lot of anxiety, so this week is focused (eventually) on slowing down, taking things in stride, and some very relevant advice from an Englishman in a Dutch bar. And yes, MRS is back from break.

147 // From Paris to Puppies

Socialized medicine doesn’t disappoint, especially when the phenomenon of “hot doctor” clearly exists in all countries. But John’s doctor? Nah. He prefers the shotgun approach. And yes, we also talk about Lilly.

146 // Friends and Fashion

John and Heather are both facing some child-free time, and it’s going to be glorious. We bask in that notion, discuss friendships as an adult, and even touch on Heather’s questionable fashion decisions. We’d say everything is related, but that probably isn’t true.

Episode 145 // No Topic Needed

We had a meetup last week! It was great. To say "thank you!" to everyone who joined us, we spent most of this episode talking about healthcare. That wasn't really the plan, but that's how things go around here. We also touched on John's dog, the woes of air travel, and a couple apologies related to Ep 144.

Episode 144 // Reunited at Last

We got the band back together. Well, the band never really broke up, but Heather and John are in the same (hotel) room recording MRS for the first time ever and we’re talking about Chicago and homelessness and also teeth. It was easy. Mostly. A little awkward because we also recorded a video. So, yeah, that’s a thing.

143 // Musical Therapy

A topic! We have a topic! It’s music, and we almost don’t stray from it. This week we’re talking about some of the music we enjoy, the beauty of a truly sad song, a dog whose alias is “Taco,” and is that tickle you just felt behind your ear a tick? Better check.

Episode 142 // Making Small Talk

You find out a lot about people when you take the time to start a conversation. Does this apply to Stephen Dorff? We may never know, will we, HEATHER? That's okay. We have bigger things to worry about like an MRS meet-up in Chicago - suggestions welcome! - and an Instagram account for John's dog.

Episode 141 // An MRS Overhaul

You’ve kept us up and running for over three years (3 YEARS!), and now it’s time for our little podcast to grow and change. How? We’re figuring that out and, with your help, we know it’s going to be amazing. But, as you’ll notice in this episode, we’ll still be rambling.

Episode 140 // Fun Facts About Sleeping

If there are two takeaways from this week, they are as follows: Heather sleeps naked, John does not. Does this information have anything to do with John's puppy, the half marathon he ran, teen independence, or the last couple weeks of Heather's book tour? No. And, honestly, it's not even related.

Episode 139 // There Will Be Bandaids

What do book tours and bandaids have in common? A lot. It's sort of like the relationship between diarrhea and a week of stressful schedule juggling. You know, peas and carrots, poop and planes. We also talk a bit about puppies, but let's be honest: The Valedictorian deserves the mic this week.

Episode 138 // The Book Tour Begins

Heather hits the road next week for her book tour, so of course we talked about misplaced socks, pantyhose, and toxic plastics that make their way into cosmetics. But we also talked about her book - The Valedictorian of Being Dead - which comes out on April 23. John says, “It’s a hell of a read.” Because it is.

Episode 137 // It's All Puppies

At least 75% of this episode is about dogs and puppies and the horrors of pet ownership because John is a dog person now. Why? Honestly, he has no idea, but his hands are covered in bite marks, he's tired all the time, and his life is now even less his own. So, yeah, Heather was right: It's worse than having a baby.

Episode 136 // Type A Chaos

Renovations, broken boilers, puppies, and John's resistance to help even when it's generously offered. It's all loosely related. And somehow we still manage to touch on teenage emotions near the end because we're making rambling an art form.

Episode 135 // Breaking Millennials

It’s Spring Break. We could’ve easily talked about the woes of that for an hour. However, we still managed to discuss university selection, unfair expectations placed on teens, and career choices. In other words, we don’t get a Spring Break.