Hello, dear listener! And sometimes not so dear, depends on how you're feeling on any given day and whether or not you think we have complained one too many times about our children's inability to throw away a goddamn tissue. We promise to be more vigilant about that. Maybe. Probably. We never know where our conversations are going to end up, only that no one ever gets hurt. Usually. Sometimes Heather can tell that her mother has listened to a specific part of a certain episode by how many times she drops off Chick-Fil-A for the girls unannounced WHICH ONLY MAKES THINGS WORSE, MOTHER.

Anyway! We've launched our PATREON but haven't really publicized it yet because of already scheduled guests. Don't miss this week's episode (our guest had Heather audibly twitterpated). We'll talk a lot more about PATREON next week, but if you're interested in helping us offset some of the production and hosting costs or even just donating because you like how we complain about our children's inability to throw away a goddamn tissue, mosey on over here.

Again, we'll get into greater detail about all of it including expanded tiers and rewards soon. Stay tuned!