Episode 20 // Parental Download: Co-parents usually enjoy a regular download of information, but single parents aren't as lucky

This week we're happy to be joined by Assistant Professor Hillary Hyde. As a single - or, rather, solo - parent with considerable professional experience working with children and families, she's got a lot to add to our ongoing conversation. And she's got a theory as to why some of this is so difficult. But just some of it.

Photo Credit: Matthew Kulisch Photography

Episode 17 // Resenting Resentment: Discussing that special feeling you get when you resent the wrong people (your children) for the right reasons (maybe?)

Is there difficulty and contentment? Yep! But there's also a whole slew of misplaced frustration, resentment, and GUILT when you're trying to do "what's best" - whatever the hell that means - for your kids. Maybe that's what happens when life is a bit like trial and error and error and error and "UGH! Why do you have to work!?"

Episode 12 // Divorce is Forever: When you have kids, you're forced to interact with your ex and that's always easy. Sort of. Maybe. Never? Sometimes!

We separated because we just wanted to be friends with our exs. Okay, that's not entirely true, but we both think that staying on the best possible terms with them is in the best interest of our kids. So how do we make it work? Well, it's gotten better, but we're still figuring that out (one glass of bourbon at a time).

(Heather gets a little teary-eyed in this one, forgive her for having just run 26.2 miles and being a little wiped out. Also, you're really gonna want to listen to this one.)

Episode 10 // Listener Stories and Medal Ceremonies: We're finally sorting listener emails and directly addressing the “Pain Olympics”

You've been emailing and we've been reading! We definitely have more stories to share, but this week we're sharing a few humorous and poignant listener stories while also taking a few minutes to share some non-four-letter words on the “Pain Olympics.” In short: We're winning! But that's not the point.

(A huge thank you to everyone who has emailed us about sick kids, loneliness, running, dating, or simply their take on this crazy world of single parenting! If we don't end up sharing your story, please know that we read it and appreciate it and we try our best to respond.)

Episode 09 // Talking to the Fence: What to say - or NOT say - to people who are trying to decide if they want to have kids

Having kids is a big decision. Life changing in every way. This week we’re talking to Kelli - Heather’s amazing, 28-year-old closet nanny/babysitter - about what to say to people facing this decision. Yes, she's married, but that doesn’t mean the answer is “PROCREATE NOW!”

(There are two huge signs that flank one of the main entrances to BYU. On one side it says, "Enter To Learn" and on the other, "Go Forth To Serve." Heather and her college roommates always joked that it should say, "Enter To Marry, Go Forth to Procreate.")

Episode 06 // A love-Hate with Loneliness: Dealing with loneliness when you’re (almost) never alone

Parenting can sometimes feel like an isolated activity. Single parenting only serves to magnify that isolation. So how do you cope with the feeling of being alone despite having children around the clock? Guess what?! We’re still trying to figure that out! And it's lonely! Exclamation point!

You will hear several times during the episode Heather's reference to Coco barking in the background, and Coco really was barking her head off. She was going bananas at the front door downstairs in Heather's house over who knows what (probably a blade of grass facing the wrong direction). But our editor Ryan was able to cut her barking out, we think, and so we appear to be two loons talking about a noise completely nonexistent.

Here's where we give a very special shout out to Ryan for everything he does. This would not be possible without him at all. So many thanks to him and his expertise.

Episode 05 // Run. Because You Can't Hide: Trying to Fit in Exercise When Your Kids Have other Plans

Single parenting - all parenting - sometimes feels like you're just running around in circles, but it's still mentally and physically important to make the time to get out and move (run, cycle, walk, swim, Dance like Drake, etc.). However, that's a lot easier said than done.

This week's episode coincides with Heather heading off to the East Coast to guide a runner in the Boston Marathon. You can read about that runner, Simon Wheatcroft, on dooce® and learn more about The Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired and Team With a Vision.

We should warn you that Heather's Southern accent is strong in this one as she was at a point in training where even the "short" runs were more than 10 miles, and thus, she was tired. Or, tahrred, as she would say. Good luck understanding half of what she says!