Episode 142 // Making Small Talk

You find out a lot about people when you take the time to start a conversation. Does this apply to Stephen Dorff? We may never know, will we, HEATHER? That's okay. We have bigger things to worry about like an MRS meet-up in Chicago - suggestions welcome! - and an Instagram account for John's dog.

Episode 141 // An MRS Overhaul

You’ve kept us up and running for over three years (3 YEARS!), and now it’s time for our little podcast to grow and change. How? We’re figuring that out and, with your help, we know it’s going to be amazing. But, as you’ll notice in this episode, we’ll still be rambling.

Episode 140 // Fun Facts About Sleeping

If there are two takeaways from this week, they are as follows: Heather sleeps naked, John does not. Does this information have anything to do with John's puppy, the half marathon he ran, teen independence, or the last couple weeks of Heather's book tour? No. And, honestly, it's not even related.

Episode 139 // There Will Be Bandaids

What do book tours and bandaids have in common? A lot. It's sort of like the relationship between diarrhea and a week of stressful schedule juggling. You know, peas and carrots, poop and planes. We also talk a bit about puppies, but let's be honest: The Valedictorian deserves the mic this week.

Episode 138 // The Book Tour Begins

Heather hits the road next week for her book tour, so of course we talked about misplaced socks, pantyhose, and toxic plastics that make their way into cosmetics. But we also talked about her book - The Valedictorian of Being Dead - which comes out on April 23. John says, “It’s a hell of a read.” Because it is.

Episode 137 // It's All Puppies

At least 75% of this episode is about dogs and puppies and the horrors of pet ownership because John is a dog person now. Why? Honestly, he has no idea, but his hands are covered in bite marks, he's tired all the time, and his life is now even less his own. So, yeah, Heather was right: It's worse than having a baby.

Episode 136 // Type A Chaos

Renovations, broken boilers, puppies, and John's resistance to help even when it's generously offered. It's all loosely related. And somehow we still manage to touch on teenage emotions near the end because we're making rambling an art form.

Episode 135 // Breaking Millennials

It’s Spring Break. We could’ve easily talked about the woes of that for an hour. However, we still managed to discuss university selection, unfair expectations placed on teens, and career choices. In other words, we don’t get a Spring Break.

Episode 134 // Mostly Public Speaking

Wandering tangents seem to be the way of things around here lately. This week it's James Blake, the joy of celebrity interaction, Marlo's public speaking finesse, and The Legend of Zelda. But don't worry, that's only a fraction of what we covered, so it's still your weekly dose of, "What the hell was that about?"

Episode 133 // Spring Forward Feverishly

We're ringing in the time change in style. As always. Moderate injury, serious fever, and a healthy dose of feeling all together a little off have marked the last week or two. Also, a friendly reminder that if you're suddenly feeling a surge in anxiety or depression, the time change has a way of contributing to that. It's not just you.

Episode 132 // Hot Doctors

Why do people looking their absolute best have to be the ones who see you at your absolute worst? We don't have an answer, but that's just what happens. Every time. Even when someone has to navigate a camera to your colon. Life has jokes, and Heather was just the butt of one of them. Like, actually the butt. At least True Detective is good.

Episode 130 // Replicating Childhood

Yeah, we spiraled again, but we also found ourselves looking back at how we were raised and how those experiences affect our parenting today. Less “get off our lawn” and more about what we want our kids to experience. Also, Leta turned 21. Maybe these spirals are more productive than we thought?

Episode 129 // Random Rambles

How did we get from A to B? Your guess is as good as ours. But it's not our fault that audiobooks, Mormon mission trips, forgetful teens, the weather, and black eyes are all related. Life is weird. We just go with it.

Episode 128 // Attendance is Mandatory

After John's extended fanboy moment about Heather's book (side note: It's incredible and you want to read it and probably give a copy to everyone you know), we're talking a little bit about teens, growing to emotionally process increasing responsibility, and the importance of attending funerals. We're pretty sure it all fits together.

Episode 127 // Dating Forecast

It's winter and the weather is awful and life keeps plowing forward. So, naturally, in the thick of this mess John is sort of possibly dabbling in the dating world and OH WOW IS THAT A THING. He's bad at it? Maybe? Only one way to go from here?

Episode 126 // Unhealthy Healthcare

We’re talking about insurance again. And mental health. And the absurdity of dealing with medical needs in the US. Why? Because it needs to be talked about until it changes and we’re happy to initiate the conversation.

Episode 125 // Grab Bullying by the Phone

Bullying has always been a problem, but technology is creating new platforms and increasingly removed ways to hate and harm. Spurred by a jarring episode involving Marlo, we’re talking about bullying, emotions, and the way judgment and blame continue to shape a generation.

Episode 124 // Stumbling into 2019

Another year and you know what? We're excited for it (even John). Sure, we're getting older and keeping blood pressure journals, but that's life. As long as there are no formal parties with dress codes in the near future, we're downright optimistic.

Episode 123 // Ho Ho Hum

OH MY GOD. Are we whining about the holidays? No, not really. Just marveling at the passage of time and the value of hiring movers while catching our breath. We also spend a surprising amount of time talking about breakfast cereal.