Episode 68 // Fall Risk

Health care, independence and, on yeah, John's brief hospital stay are all part of this week. We also talk about peeing with an audience and international travel because we like variety.

Episode 67 // Staying Level

Sometimes it's tough to stay level headed. Sometimes it feels damn near impossible when you have to do so while also trying to keep your kids relatively level. Hormones, parenting, life. Awesome.

Episode 66 // Coffee or a Cause

From charities and organizations to individual creative pursuits and business startups, you can give money to a lot of different things. This week we're talking about how and where we give and why we're bringing MRS to Patreon. So tell us: Where should MRS go from here?

Episode 61 // Com-Part-Mentalize

Call it survival if you must, but we're trying to figure out how to compartmentalize so we can survive the day to day. Heather's one step ahead on this one, but John is determined. Any suggestions?

Episode 58 // Apart but Together? Nah.

Haven't we already talked about being on the same page? Who knows. Probably. Either way, we're at it again because sometimes there's too much "co" in "co-parenting." And how to work with the co-parent is the greenest evergreen topic there is in the world of single parenting.

Episode 52 // Doing A Pulse Check - Another look at mental health

Depression remains an evergreen topic for many people, including us. From children to adults, depression can tear apart families and make life seem unbearable. Here we talk about what has best served us in dark times and how reaching out to those who might be suffering could just be the lifeline they need.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: