Episode 06 // A love-Hate with Loneliness: Dealing with loneliness when you’re (almost) never alone

Parenting can sometimes feel like an isolated activity. Single parenting only serves to magnify that isolation. So how do you cope with the feeling of being alone despite having children around the clock? Guess what?! We’re still trying to figure that out! And it's lonely! Exclamation point!

You will hear several times during the episode Heather's reference to Coco barking in the background, and Coco really was barking her head off. She was going bananas at the front door downstairs in Heather's house over who knows what (probably a blade of grass facing the wrong direction). But our editor Ryan was able to cut her barking out, we think, and so we appear to be two loons talking about a noise completely nonexistent.

Here's where we give a very special shout out to Ryan for everything he does. This would not be possible without him at all. So many thanks to him and his expertise.